The Eclipse is a simple but stylish combination of Mahogany, Rosewood and Walnut. With its thin solid body and only one bridge pickup it may seem modest, but build quality and material choices makes a difference. The Seymor Duncan SH-4 JB pickup is the perfect starting point but if you’re in need of a budget pickup, then the Tonerider Octane is the way to go. The next level update is an Eclipse Elite with two pickups, a Schaller Megaswitch and, as the Icing on the Cake, the Göldo Tremolo Arm.

HMS Eclipse electric guitar specs

Body: Solidbody Mahogany or American Walnut

Neck: Maple (bolted neck joint)

Fretboard: Indian Rosewood

Pickguard: American Walnut or Birch

Scale length: 25”

Radius: 12"

Pickup: Seymor Duncan SH-4 JB

Tuners: Gotoh, Schaller

Bridge (without tremolo): Gotoh/Schaller wraparound

Tremolo: Göldo Tremolo + Schaller STM bridge

Finish: PU or Shellac varnish

Length: 1020mm

Width: 335mm

Height: 56mm (body 38mm)

Price: Starting from €1.200