A Semi-hollow electric guitarHMS Renown

This guitar model was inspired by many - Gretsch 6122, Höfner Verythin, ES-355 and numerous other Gibsons and Epiphones etc - but the HMS Renown travels its own path and sings beautifully as it is, even without amplification. When it's connected to an amp, though, things start to happen. Its robust build, the P-90 pickups and especially the GöldoTremolo contribute to a very versatile and juicy sound that covers many styles from blues, jazz, rockabilly and rock’n roll to –––why not even metal. This model is also available in two versions, a plywood or solid wood construction.

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Reviewed by Samuli Laiho

HMS Renown electric guitar specs

Body: Semi hollow Birch plywood or Solid Wood

Neck: Birch or Maple (set neck)

Top and headstock veneer: Spalted Birch

Fretboard: Ebony or Rosewood

Scale length: 24,75”

Radius: 12"

Pickups: P-90

Tuners: Gotoh

Bridge: Schaller STM bridge

Tremolo: Göldo/Duesenberg Tremolo

Finish: PU or Shellac varnish

Length: 1060mm

Width: 385mm

Height: 52mm (body 36mm)

Price: Starting from €3.800