HMS ”ScaT-RoLL” handwound pickups

These pickups are certainly handwound and definitely scatter wound. Every pickup is handmade, either with a manpowered machine or an electric winding machine. They are open sounding, clear, musical and make a perfect fit on every HMS electric guitar available, but… if you’re keen to get your hands on one of these exquisite pickups and their exclusive sound it’s certainly no big deal installing them on your guitar too.

I make mostly Humbuckers and P-90 style pickups in different flavours but single coil TC- and ST- style pickups are also available. They are alI made of high quality parts (eg. nickelsilver bottom plates and covers) to ensure a transparent sound. I prefer nickel coated covers (especially raw nickel) and also golden covers but obviously, the customers choice comes first.

But, check out the ones I have in stock - you might run into something interesting. The ones you’ll find there are all available immediately (unless out of stock, of course) but if your interested in something else, some less common or a very exotic model, send me an email and let’s see what we can do about it.

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About my ”ScaT-RoLL” pickups

When I began building electric guitars there was one very difficult issue from the very beginning, the pickups - should I install my favorite pickups or cheap ones or maybe some hardcore boutique pickups? I didn’t really have a good solution until now - the problem is solved. I roll my own and install them into my guitars. As simple as that and much better.

The hype around scatterwound pickups will propably continue for- ever but if that’s what you wan’t I can guarantee you - that’s what you’ll get. If you have a mechanical machine with a crank, then it’s definitly handwound, scatterwound + handcranked. My right hand tries to keep the speed consistent and my left hand controls the coil wire (and I’m right handed for sure). To sum it up, it’s like a 20’s typewriter but it makes the job done even in candle light if necessary. Of course you can’t crank too many of them a day (heavy job!) so I do have an electric machine as a backup - when you buy one I’ll always mark which technique has been used on your pickup.

The final and crucial question; do they sound different? or even better? Well, I guess it’s a mix of psychology and taste. If you have strawberrys cultivated by your neighbour versus others, imported from the far east, and your neighbours products are only a slightly more expensive, which one do you prefer? The decision is yours:-) If you go for my pickups, I can offer you all the classic models - Humbuckers, P-90’s, Tele- and Strat- pickups and some special ones too. They are all definitely hand made and they will all be available to you on my website.