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The long story - about my guitars and a bit more...

My first electric guitar was obviously a telecaster copy. It was a good starting point and a good teacher, but it didn’t take long until I wanted to make a design of my own. I did quite a lot of drawings, and after a while, I came up with something that became a real guitar - a prototype which was acceptable - but it wasn't there yet.

I was fascinated by the old Danelectro guitars and the way they were constructed, so I tried something similar. This was a thread which started growing into something that survived. My Vanguard and Renown models still have features from those late night R&D sessions.

The main difference compared to the Danelectro was actually my use of Baltic Birch plywood. Only later did I realise that constructing a guitar with that technique was better suited for a factory setup than a small one-man workshop.

What is more important is the design aspect. I really did a hard work trying to come up with a profile that could be called my own and I'm quite satisfied with the final result. I like the shapes and curves and really enjoy carving them - that’s certainly a half-victory. So, if you're looking for Strat's or some other clones of famous guitars, I'm not your guy. (never say never...)

My acoustic guitars on the other hand, well, it’s a totally different world. There you can float around on a sea of very traditional and conservative designs, without feeling obsolete or old-fashioned. On the contrary, it's even more challenging to be forced to act inside a very narrow domain. You have to be even more creative and inventive. Another reason is just the sensuality of working with wood - the scent of different species, the touch of the wooden grain - just the look of it.

The most rewarding aspect making acoustics comes at the very end (of course that concerns the electric guitars too but in a different way), when you've finished the guitar, the bridge and nut are set and the strings have been tuned - then you encounter a very special moment. Listening to the first notes coming out of the box is always a pleasing moment. It brings together the whole building process that might have started months earlier.

Guitar builder

I was born in 1963 and am a self-taught guitar builder. My career covers many weird turns over the past few years. I started out as an actor, continued directing plays, then turned into film-making, i.e. shooting, editing, writing, acting and directing.

At the turn of the millenium, I found myself making animated films and writing music for them, mostly electronica. While building devices for making electronic music, synth modules with lots of blinking and flashing LEDs, I realized they needed something traditional beside them - a guitar for example.

And the rest is history :-)

Christian Lindblad


The workshop is a kind of sanctuary, a place to retreat, to find peace and enter into a slow pace of being - being aware of not forgetting why you're actually there...