A bright and clear acoustic-guitarHMS Sirius

As the name implies, HMS Sirius is the brightest star on the night sky. It has exactly the same profile as its sibling Orion but is otherwise totally different. It has an all white dress of German Spruce and Finnish Birch. As a nice contrast, the neck and the bindings are Mahogany. The rosette is Spalted Birch from my front yard.

The sound of HMS Sirius also completely differs from the Orion. Compared to its dark minded sibling, the Sirius is bright, clear and crisp. The combination of spruce and birch gives it a familiar, kind of modern acoustic sound that you would expect from this type of a guitar.

HMS Sirius acoustic guitar Specs

Body: German Spruce, Finnish Birch back and sides

Neck: African Mahogany, Birch headstock veneer

Fretboard and bridge: Indian Rosewood

Saddle and nut: Moose bone

Scale length: 24,625” (624,5mm)

Radius: 12"

Tuners: Schaller Grand Tune

Mikrofoni: Schaller Oyster D/S or K&K Pure Mini (option)

Finish: Hardened shellac varnish

Length: 990mm

Body length: 450mm

Width, upper bout: 240mm

Width, lower bout: 360mm

Depth: 85-100mm

Price: Starting from €2.400